Be a part of something more!

So you would like to apply for the LEAP Youth Panel? 

Every year Gymnastics NSW invite clubs to nominate their most passionate, forward thinking contributors to their club a to be a part of our LEAP Panel. From this pool of like minded individuals GNSW select a diverse range of candidates to be our next generation of leaders. 


If being on the panel appeals to you, we encourage you speak to your club owner or head coach about putting in a nomination or we also welcome individual applications as well.  

What characteristics are we looking for in our nominees? 


We are looking for members aged between 16 and 24 years, who have a genuine vested interest in improving Gymnastics in NSW and who has the skills and capacity to contribute to the work of our organisation.

Successful nominees:

•    may also participate in other sports
•    may or may not have a dwindling interest in gymnastics and training competitively
•    can represent either a social or competitive club

•    have an enthusiasm for sports participation in general
•    have a desire for lifelong involvement in physical activity

•    have an aspiration to potentially serve on a GNSW Regional or Gymsport committee
•    may have an interest in working in sports management/development

Please check our website regularly for application dates below: 

Be part of the change! 

If you or a member of your club would like to be apart of our LEAP Youth Panel please apply or nominate below: 

Application Closing Date for 2018:  25/03/2018

Applications are now open for the LEAP Youth Panel.