LEAP Online

Coming 2018

What is it?

LEAP Online is all about making learning fun for kids! This innovative online training resource is for youth aged 12-14 years and aims to develop young leaders through a fun and interactive educational portal. Each module guides participants through a variety of different topics utilising gymnastics as a vehicle to develop leadership and fundamental soft skills. Gymnastics NSW understands that developing these skills is necessary for our youth to succeed in education, community participation and everyday life, 

Who can do LEAP Online? 

LEAP Online is designed for 12-14 year olds who have a strong passion for sport, in particular gymnastics. It is open to any one of any age who would like to learn more about gymnastics, sport development and leadership. 


What will I learn?

What makes LEAP Online unique is that it uses gymnastics to broaden your knowledge of sport and aims to develop the softer, interpersonal skills that help youth to communicate and work productively. Topics will introduce participants to the key values of leadership, communication, teamwork and many more!

Get started today!

If you would like to join in on all the fun and enrol in LEAP Online, please do so below: 

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