LEAP - Junior Coaches Conference

Registrations for the 2019 LEAP - Junior Coaches Conference is now open!

Gymnastics NSW are pleased to announce that the  – Junior Coaches Conference will be back in 2019 bigger and better than ever! Held at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai PCYC  on Sunday the 3rd of February, it will once again be open to all registered members between the ages of 14-20.


This one day conference will be full of fun, engaging workshops,as well as interactive activities all aimed to develop practical coaching skills and clarify all the important technical information you need to know to fast track your coaching career!


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Workshop Topics and Presenters

Engaging the Disengaged

Every coach will come across one in their class at some point. They are a perennial ‘problem’ – but what can you do to engage a disengaged child? This workshop will equip coaches with new strategies to reengage children, plus it will cover key tips to remain confident when dealing with disruptive behaviour.  

Topics covered:

  • Qualities and skills of an engaging coach

  • Identifying the root causes of disengagement 

  • Methods to integrate disinterested or disruptive participants

  • Class management strategies and tips for coaches to stay in control

Presenter: Kate Blissett

Tips for retaining GfA Athletes

Are you looking for new and innovative ideas to spruce up your GfA classes? This ingenious workshop will equip you with a range of exciting ideas to ensure your recreational athletes are staying in the sport year on year!

Topics covered:

  • GfA – The bread and butter of any gymnastics club

  • Pathways for GfA Athletes

  • Tips for recreational performances

Presenter: Penny Schubert

Teaching Fundamental Gymnastics Skills

Back due to popular demand! In this workshop coaches will learn tips to deconstruct core skills and be exposed to innovative drills to ensure you give your athletes the best foundation to build upon.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying core gymnastics skills

  • Drills for teaching them to competitive and non-competitive athletes

  •  Understanding the importance of progressions and introducing skills relevant to a gymnast’s level of ability

Presenter: Adam Rose

Play with Purpose

Games can be used to illustrate a point, lead into a teaching session or achieve a purpose. This practical workshop will help coaches understand how games can be used to teach children life and gymnastics skills.

Topics covered:

  • How games can enhance children’s overall learning and gymnastics skill development

  • Games which reinforce desired behaviours like team work, cooperation and trust

  • Developing new games from old

Presenter: Petrina Hutchinson

Creative classes with minimal equipment

There’s nothing worse than turning up to coaching, going to set up a circuit and finding that everyone else is utilising the equipment. This workshop aims to outline that minimal equipment is not the end of the world and that skillful coaches can do a lot with less. 

Topics covered:

  • How to adapt the same circuit to suit a variety of ages and abilities

  • Tricks on using the same piece of equipment different ways

  • Class management strategies when utilising minimal equipment

Presenter: Sarah Hayes

Adapt the Fun for Everyone

Gymnastics is proud to be a sport that provides opportunities to participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. This workshop will equip coaches with the fundamental skills to boost their knowledge and confidence in the disabilities space.

Topics covered:

  • Benefits of gymnastics for participants with a disability

  • Integrating children with a disability into a mainstream class

  • Setting up and running classes specifically catered to children with a disability

  • Coaching techniques for supporting children with special needs

Presenter: Michaela Pendelton

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