Meet the LEAP Youth Panel!

Meet the inspiring individuals from all over NSW who are working together to ensure gymnastics future goals are met

Deborah Greenbaum - Chairperson

Age 20

Club: PLC Sydney Gymnastics (Aerobic Gymnastics) and Pymble Ladies College Gymnastics (Artistic Gymnastics)
The Youth Advisory Panel allowed me the chance to do more than just be an elite athlete – it gave me a voice inside gymnastics and established a pathway for me to assist gymnasts in all aspects of the sport.

Nell McNeil - Vice Chairperson

Age 17

Club: Manly Warringah

 I love the fact that Gymnastics NSW is getting the youth involved to help improve the sport for the future. I love to meeting other people on the panel who are as passionate about gymnastics as I am and really want to make a difference. 

Cody Creighton

Age: 22

Club: North Coast Gymnastics
I joined the LEAP Panel to have the chance to help shape and learn the background work involved in an industry that i intend to spend the rest of my working life in.

Jaelle Cohen

Age: 23

Club: Le Ray Gymnastics
I think it would be a great experience to work with other individuals like myself, to create a better future for Gymnastics. 

Ashley Cox

Age 20

Club: Dubbo PCYC

Maddison Davis

Age 21

Club: St Ives YMCA

I am very passionate about all aspects of gymnastics and its participants and would be honored to be involved in the future of the sport.

Corey Dehn

Age: 19

Club: Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre 
Coming from the experience of MAG I found that outsiders of the sport think of it as a 'female' sport, which creates athletes to drop out. I want to be able to help out within the gymnastics community and gain experience with the behind the scenes activities to ensure everyone stays in the sport for longer!

Alyse Gretton

Age: 18

Club: St John Bosco Gymnastics Club 
I wanted to be involved in the panel so I could continue to work with people to have fun and be around others that share my passion for gymnastics. I want to have a say in issues that I feel are important in our youth gymnastics community and get to hear other opinions from clubs that operate differently to my own.

Oceanne Molony


Club: Kimnastix
I wasn't a great gymnast as a child but my club took me in and mentored me into the person i am. I became a coach and member of this panel to be that person to someone else. I'd love the chance to make a difference in other areas of gymnastics. 

Samantha Murphy

Age 19

Club: SXL Gymnastics

I believe that being involved in the LEAP Youth Panel would be an incredible way to give back to the sport I love. I hope to ensure that future gymnasts get the absolute most out of their involvement in such a rewarding sport, and work towards giving gymnastics the recognition it deserves in our sporting culture.

Adam Rusgnach

Age 16

Club: South Coast Gymnastics Academy
By being involved with previous LEAP camps and going away on training courses, I have grown and improved my leadership and coaching skills. By being on the panel I will be able to encourage more people to engage in the  benefits of being involved in practical leadership workshops and programs. 

Amellia Tamanaha

Age 20

Club: Ascham
I believe I have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with young athletes around achieving and missing goals and expectations. My career ambition is to work with athletes and develop psychological well being as well as building resilience in order to overcome disappointment. I would love the opportunity to give back to the sport which has given me so much.

Amy Van Krimpen

Age: 24

Club: North Coast Gymnastics
I believe that an opportunity for youth to have a their say within the sport is a great initiative  and it is a privilege to be involved and be able to give back to the state.

Joplin Vertigan-Tatterton

Age: 21

Club: Gosford Gymnastics
I got involved in the LEAP Youth Panel as I am passionate about the sport of gymnastics and am was interested in being a voice for the future of the sport. 

Caitlin Woollard

Age: 24

Club: Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre

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