The possibilities are endless with LEAP!

Gymnastics is so much more than a sport, its a passion and a way of life!

Why then, do so many of you stop participating when you reach a certain age?

Gymnastic NSW's LEAP Forward program is committed to giving you as many opportunities as possible to stay involved and be a valued member of our community for years to come. 

If you're looking for an international experience, the chance to broaden your horizons, expand your networks, gain leadership experience and boost your employ-ability, then take a look below at some of the amazing places and programs LEAP Forward can take you!

Getting a job in gymnastics abroad is the best way to see the world. You’re basically getting paid to do something you love whilst travelling; that’s the dream right?

International Scholarships

Discover how you can apply for a once in a lifetime scholarship to Denmark!

GNSW Performance Teams

Have a flair for performing? If your looking for an opportunity to travel the world doing what you love, go no further than our GNSW Performance Teams!


Choosing what subjects to study for your HSC? Why not choose gymnastics coaching? 

Volunteering & Internships

Volunteer, Intern or try Work Experience at the hub of NSW Gymnastics. 

Education and Accrediations

All you need to know about Gymnastics Australia's Education Framework and where it can take you!

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