Catch up with Ashley in Denmark

Meet one of our inspiring Youth Advisory panel members Ashley Cox. In July 2016, Ashley was the lucky recipient of a 6 month scholarship to study gymnastics in Denmark. After a fun filled first semester Gymnastics NSW is pleased to announce that Ashley has been invited to stay a further 6 months due to her amazing contribution to the program.

GYMNSW recently caught up with Ashley and were excited to hear about her time in Denmark and all the incredible projects she's been taking part in!

At Ollerup in the 2016 Fall semester I have been doing a lot of tumbling and learning a lot about the philosophies behind the coaching side of tumbling. In the school I have participated in short basic spotting workshops and lectures on how to train smart and about planning training sessions to get direct results.

The Internationals have worked on a lot of projects to do with gymnastics and movement through sport. We have coordinated activities that are designed to get people moving and carried out activities like parkour, gymnastics, acrobatics, frisbee games, simple ball games for the general public in the city of Copenhagen. We have also had school students from all around Denmark come and stay at the school and Ollerup students take responsibility of teaching them gymnastics and showing them what we do here at Ollerup.

Throughout the semester I have studied a variety of sport Non-Government Organisations and looked at/learnt about how they function, how they started, their values, etc. I'm happy to say that I have learnt a range of tools that I think could be useful back in Australia.

The famous Greg Roe came not so long ago and everyone in the 3 tumbling lines had a training session with him. During that session I learnt so much not only as a participant but also as a coach. We all got to try a range of different techniques and drills that I had never come across. It was an incredible experience.

Less than a week ago we had ''Ollerup Inside'' and that was a day where every line here at the school got to teach and show to the other students what we've been doing in our line subjects. We also got to teach some of the adults cartwheels, round offs, handsprings. It was very difficult for me to teach those who had never trained gymnastics before but it helped a lot with my knowledge of progressions and it was very fun to experience all of the other lines as well.

This week was intern week - we went out into the nearby community and coached a group of gymnasts from another club as well as observed a group of Ollerup students while they were coaching. When we were not coaching or observing we were attending lectures. We learnt about pedagogic techniques, sport psychology and physical training. We did a lot of team building workshops and we learnt about talent development and environments. In particular how we need to create supportive environments within the gymnastics world, especially for the 9-14yr category so they can stay in the sport longer.

To find out more about this amazing scholarship Click Here

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